About Us


The Company built on precision and trust.

THOMSON SURGICALS Private Limited, an “ISO 13485 : 2016” CE certified company, registered under the Companies Act - 1956. We are the manufacturers of high quality surgical O T instruments since 1991, we have got global reputation for excellence.

We view our past success and in particular, our responsibility towards the surgeon and the patient as an obligation to continue to focus our skill, experience, and creativity on advancing the art of medical technology in the future. Our latest catalogue, describes more than 10,000 Different instruments in the area of medical technology, like Neuro, Cardiac, General, Vascular, Orthopaedics, Plastic Surgery etc.

A high development potential and more than 21 years Of experience in medical engineering have made THOMSON a reliable partner in the medical sector. The production and delivery range currently embraces more than 10000 different varieties of products and is marketed by THOMSON SURGICALS private limited directly.

In the exhibition centres, and at the most important national and international trade fairs, THOMSON presents new products and its proven delivery range for all areas in modern medicine.

The Esteemed Corporate sector of hospitals and High End Super specialty Hospitals encourages us for prompt and fast delivery of rare products and its maintenance and service regularly.

Our Vision

Focused on building our company with our dedication to saving lives, we aspire to meet the high standards of hygiene and safety all the way through the processes until the finished products are out to become the company you can invest your trust and belief in. The company you can count on.

Our Mission

We are passionate and dedicated to saving lives and to keep your loved ones safe and healthy through the challenges that is met by our surgeons in the tense environment of the operation theatres by providing instrumentation of high calibre .

Our Innovation

We are constantly in touch with our clients and team up with their experienced surgeons to develop new products and make modifications tailored to their likened specifications, skill and style which help us to understand and design the product with respect and relevance to their subjective handling and usage experiences. We are also constantly exploring new ideas and optimising our processing and conditioning of our production systems and facilities to deliver a better product and service every time.


Providing products of the highest quality is our goal. Hence to do so, we handpick the best of raw materials and monitor our products through its processes and conditioning thoroughly until perfection. We deliver the perfectly finished products to solve any medical problems because the hard work, commitment and the care we invest in their development, manufacturing and distribution are felt by the customer every time. This leaves our clients satisfied and content every time they use our products through high quality reliability and after service.

Our Certifications

We are known for delivering high quality products and services to our customers. We are manufacturers of high quality surgical O T instruments since 1991 and have got a global reputation for excellence. We are a certified company and below are some of the respective certifications.